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2015 - Belgique - 18 July / 22h00

The firework

Mystify A yourney of emotions.
Right from the start when the first music comes out of the speakers we wouldlike to take the audience on a yourney where they will feel all emotions we counter in our lifetime from hearttouching sequenses to heroiq and powerfull stages we pass them all in our show.

Musical programming

- Wallace et Grommit - A grand day out de Julian Nott,
- Uptown Funk de Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars,
- Beethoven to the fifth de Aaron sapp & ascap 100 %,
- The Rock de The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra,
- Bella's Lullaby de Twilight Orchestra,
- Warriors de Ronan Hardiman,
- Papaoutai de Stromae,
- El Dorado de Two Steps from Hell,
- Hurt de Thomas Bergensen,
- Rise from the Underworld de James Dolley ft. Cell dweller.

The fireworker