Surex Family Company

Based on the licence granted by Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw we have doing business since 1989 and since 1993 we have been a family company. Since then we have been involved in distribution of pyrotechnic products for display purposes. We have focused on organizing outdoor pyro shows choreographed to music and on providing setting for the stage performances throughout the country., as we have been invited to pyrotechnic festivals to Belgium, the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Spain, Germany, Monaco, Italy and Portugal and further afield – to Canada, Korea and China.  In 2008, in cooperation with the city council authorities of Szczecin, we established the "PYROMAGIC" International Fireworks Festival. In the second week of August this event created by me attracted the audience of nearly 80,000 people, whereas its fifth 2012 edition drew as many as 100,000 spectators. That cheering crowd, delighted by our undertaking and giving the performers burst of enthusiastic applause set us one goal, in line with our motto we have used for years:  Our PASSION your EMOTIONS